Les activités régulières

We are there

We are always there to help needy people. No matter whatever it is war, natural disaster or disease breakout. We are always counted by People and we never disappoint them.

We provide Education

Education is the first right of any children and Our priority is to ensure that every child is getting it. We are building schools and college throughout the World.

We remove hunger

There are still 3 billion people living in poverty. We are trying to ensure that every person on earth sleeps with a good meal. We won’t stop until we get there.

Les activités ponctuelles

We build houses

People living under railway paths, streets, footpaths. We are constantly working to provide a home to them. We are also building orphanize, old age homes.

We cure

We hear war breaking throughout the World. We are there to cure those injured. War is something that should be never happened but it does and it’s our responsibility to cure.

We rely on People

Helping other is humanity. We can’t make it without helps from people. We are thankful to them for volunteering and giving donations. We are only able to provide help from it.

Envie de nous soutenir ?

Nous sommes une association à but non lucratif et nos budget sont consacrés à la réalisation de nos projets culturels et écologique

Nous avons besoin de vous !

Vous aimez les animaux ? Vous êtes écolo ? Vous pratiquez du zéro déchet ? Vous adorez partager votre passion pour la culture, le jardinage, la perma-culture ? Ou vous avez simplement envie de contribuer à un projet social, culturel et écologique ?

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